Chris Long builds locker-room shrine to Nick Foles

'Tis the season to believe in St. Nick.

Nick Foles is once again the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, and everybody in footballdom knows how the Legend of Foles came to be last season. With the Eagles' playoff hopes flickering on life support, Philly needs a Folesian miracle to make the postseason.

That's why Chris Long has built a shrine to his favorite underdog quarterback. Long revealed his visual ode to Foles to reporters Thursday. The shrine, which sits lovingly in Long's locker-room stall, features a photo of Foles on the Rams and a copy of Foles' book, "Believe It!" placed among several candles.

"He's been there to bail us out when we've had injuries before. And this weekend, no different," Long said about Foles and why he built the shrine, per ESPN's Tim McManus. "I know he's going to show up big."

Foles leading the Eagles to the franchise's first Super Bowl title was arguably the biggest shock of the 2017 NFL season, and Philly likely will need some divine intervention to make the playoffs. The team must beat the Houston Texans on Sunday to stay in the NFC playoff hunt.

Taking over for the injured Carson Wentz last week, Foles played a big role in lifting the Eagles to a 30-23 upset victory over the NFC West champion Los Angeles Rams. Long is hoping the shrine to Foles will help shine a light on Philly's playoff path.

"I made him see it. It's for him," Long said in reference to Foles. "I just don't think he likes the attention. But it's not about attention. It's about energy. Give him some good energy. It's going to work. He always shows up big for us."

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