Chris Boswell goes 6 of 6 on FGs, gets drug tested

The idea of PED-testing a place kicker might seem funny to you -- what's your problem anyway? -- but it actually makes total sense.

Between season-swinging field goals (hi Ryan Succop) and the wild adventure that's become the extra point, a good kicker is more valuable than ever. As such, it makes total sense why they'd face the same stringent drug testing as everybody else.

Enter Steelers kicker Chris Boswell, who found this hanging in his locker after a 6-of-6 field-goal performance against the Bengals in Week 15:

Puntermania I main event participantPat McAfee has similarly mused on this topic in the past, most memorably after he'd boomed a 67-yard punt in the Colts' preseason opener.

We cannot recall a single instance of a kicker being suspended for violating the league's policy on performance-enhancing substances. I'll admit it, it'd be kind of fun to see how a kicker would fare with the assistance of the Ivan Drago Workout Plan.

"Whatever he kicks, he destroys."

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