McAfee questions randomness of random drug testing


Boyishly exuberant Colts punter Pat McAfee continues to marvel at the questionable randomness of random drug testing in the NFL.

McAfee received a notice on Monday that he'd been selected to provide a sample as part of the league's drug testing program. McAfee found the timing suspicious considering his exploits on the gridiron days earlier.

Consider this a blantant humblebrag by the Colts punter. Be honest: How many of you were aware Pat McAfee had a 67-yard punt in the Colts' preseason opener? Six of you? Makes sense. But McAfee wants you to know of the ability that has allowed him to earn first-team All-Pro honors in back-to-back years.

On balance, I get it. And punters deserve credit for their important role in the gameplan for every team. Just know you're not pulling one over on us, buddy. We're onto you.

And now, just for McAfee, I have requested and received video of the 67-yard punt in question. This is the only video of a punt on right now.

Great punt, Pat.