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Charles Haley: Cowboys got a steal with Randy Gregory

Charles Haley is the go-to example when discussing the Dallas Cowboys' propensity to give talented but troubled players a chance in the NFL.

The Haley example was again conjured when the Cowboys selected Randy Gregory in the second round of this year's NFL draft.

Haley, who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame later this summer, was in Chicago for the draft and told the Dallas Morning News on Sunday night he met with Gregory, supports the selection and believes the Cowboys are the perfect fit.

"He's got an owner that's not only going to stand with him, but stand in front of him and take some of the blows," Haley said. "And Jerry (Jones) is not alone. He has a family of ex-players that love the Dallas Cowboys and are willing to come back and help."

Gregory was a top-10 talent according to most opinions, but his off-field issues -- including a failed drug test at the NFL Scouting Combine -- caused him to tumble well into the second round.

"The film that I saw, hey, the guy can get it done," Haley said. "I just can't believe that they got him in the second round. The Cowboys got a steal. You can't have enough pass rushers.

"The guy should come in with a chip on his shoulder from being a second-rounder. Just like a lot of those guys that got drafted later, you come here with an attitude ready to work, because most guys come in as a first rounder and they think they already got it. He's got something to prove."

Proving it on the field isn't the biggest concern when it comes to Gregory; it's proving they can keep him out of trouble off it. 

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