Chargers coach Anthony Lynn says he contracted COVID-19

HBO's Hard Knocks began in impactful and newsworthy fashion.

In the opening scene of Hard Knocks: Los Angeles on Tuesday night, Los Angeles Chargers coach Anthony Lynn revealed he contracted COVID-19, unveiling the news during a Zoom meeting with his players.

"This year is not like any year we've ever had in the National Football League," Lynn said. "I can't promise you you're not gonna get infected. I got infected."

Lynn, 51, is the third NFL coach to announce he has contracted the novel coronavirus, following New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton and Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson.

Later in the episode, Lynn discussed contracting the novel coronavirus with Dr. Herb Martin, the team psychologist.

"I didn't know you had the virus," Martin said.

"Yeah, I didn't tell nobody," Lynn answered.

Lynn said coughing and body aches were his initial signs.

Prior to Lynn's announcement, a barrage of players' images flashed during the Zoom meeting, symbolic of the chaos and novelty of the 2020 offseason. Following Lynn's announcement, the first player shown was Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa, who's clearly stunned by the announcement.

The Chargers had no comment on Lynn's announcement Tuesday night when contacted by NFL Media. Lynn is scheduled to speak to the media on Friday.

Lynn is entering his fourth season with the franchise and is 26-22 across his first three seasons with the Bolts.

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