Butler: Favre was 'Wolverine, RoboCop and Superman'

Green Bay was wise to schedule Brett Favre's high-octane induction into the Packers' Hall of Fame smack dab in the middle of a silent NFL weekend.

The ol' gunslinger has dominated headlines over the past 24 hours -- and here's one more before we shift our attention to 32 approaching training camps.

"I don't think he's human," LeRoy Butler, the former Packers safety said this week, per ESPN.com's Rob Demovsky. "Whenever it's his time to leave this earth, I want to see the X-rays. I don't believe it. He's not human. I'm telling you the guy's a mixture of Wolverine, RoboCop and Superman."

Butler became convinced of this theory after years of seeing Favre shrug off injuries that would have left other players waylaid on the trainer's table. The long-time safety recalled a nasty left ankle sprain Favre sustained against the Vikings in 1995.

"That thing was yellow, green, orange and brown," Butler said. "I said, 'Dude, you can't play next week.'"

Favre wasn't about to let anyone else play doctor.

"He looked at me and said, 'Roy Lee -- that's what he called me -- there ain't a damn thing wrong with my arm,'" Butler said. "He said, 'There ain't nothing wrong with the chicken wing.'"

Favre didn't become the NFL's all-time leader in consecutive starts -- with 297 straight games -- by taking days off to nurse mid-level wounds. His durability was historic, triggering an NFL record that will stand for years and years -- and maybe forever.

Butler might be on to something.

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