Bruce Arians to Patrick Peterson: Back up trash talking

Bruce Arians is fine with Patrick Peterson -- or any of his players -- talking a little trash in the days leading up to the game.

He just wants to make sure they back it up.

That was his issue with Peterson who, during the week, said he'd gotten the best of Julio Jones during their epic SEC battles in college. Peterson went on to give up 10 receptions and a career-high 189 yards in a 29-18 loss to the Falcons.

"You better watch out when you call people out," Arians said. "You better be ready to play. If you're going to call them out, call them out but don't give up (10) and a career day."

The Cardinals are in an interesting spot coming down the stretch. Without Carson Palmer, they'll need to find a way to hang on while the Seahawks come charging up the standings. The two are less than three weeks away from a Sunday night matchup that will likely finalize the divisional picture in the NFC West.

Until then, Arians is going to do his best to stay the course, which means not changing anything about his up front attitude and brutal honesty. If he feels the need to call out one of his best defensive players, so be it.

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