Bruce Arians on relationship with Brady: 'Tom and I are fine'

All is tranquil in Tampa Bay now as it relates to Bruce and Tom.

At least that's the latest on the Bruce Arians honesty front.

Candid and blunt as the day is long and Florida is humid, Arians didn't mince words in offering some critiques on Tom Brady's play in the aftermath of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers season-opening loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Checking back in with reporters Wednesday, Arians assured everyone that all is well when it comes to the coach and QB as they prepare for the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

"Tom and I are fine, so I don't really care what other people think. It's just what he and I think," Arians said Wednesday, via team transcript. "We left the stadium fine [and] we showed up today fine, so there [is] nothing to talk about."

Brady had three total touchdowns, but a pair of interceptions and a 78.2 quarterback rating loomed larger when the genesis of the Tompa Bay era played out with a 34-23 defeat. While it was a flat debut, the schedule offers up 15 games' worth of thought to deliver a final verdict on how things will actually come to fruition.

Much as Arians stressed all is fine and well with Brady, he offered a similar sentiment in regard to his team's prospects going forward.

"I was amused when they handed us the Lombardi trophy in July. It's part of the business," Arians quipped. "You go with it and it's one week at a time [and] one day at a time. We win a few games in a row and everybody will be back on the bandwagon [and] happy. It's just part of the game. If we lose this week, the world will come to an end."

With the Panthers aiming to end the Bucs' world on Sunday, just how Tampa responds from its season-starting setback will be a storyline to watch. But, as Arians' opined, you can't throw a party after every win and you can't have a funeral following every loss.

And for now, as it goes with Arians and Brady and the Buccaneers' expectations, all is sunshine and rainbows.

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