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Browns GM discusses trade for WR Odell Beckham

The prevailing rationale surrounding the Odell Beckham Jr. trade from New York was that the superstar receiver became too much of a headache to deal with for the Giants.

The Cleveland Browns don't share that concern.

During a conference call on Thursday, general manager John Dorsey scoffed at reports out of the Big Apple that Beckham is too much of a problem child.

"I know Odell is very passionate, I know he is competitive, and I know he can help this football team," Dorsey said, per Nick Shook of the team's official website. "... If you can get a chance to acquire a guy like that, take a shot at it."

During his five years in New York, Beckham was heavily criticized for sideline antics, touchdown celebrations, social media posts and even media interviews. None of that stopped him from putting up production between the whistles.

The Browns acquired one of the most talented players ever to catch a pigskin. In exchange, Cleveland will happily handle any extracurricular byproducts.

Dorsey has shown throughout his runs with both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Browns that he values talent as a supreme trump card over all other concerns. That mindset helped land him a game-changing receiver for the skyrocketing Cleveland club.

After the Beckham trade, the expectations for the Browns jumped categorically in 2019, but Dorsey knows it will matter zilch if the team he puts on the field in September doesn't live up to the hype.

"Good teams win in the fall. They don't win in March," the GM said.

Dorsey is betting Beckham will help win all year round.

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