Brian Flores, Dolphins return to practice, want change: 'This is not something I take lightly'

As multiple NFL teams called off practice Thursday in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake, an unarmed Black man, by Kenosha (Wisconsin) police, the Miami Dolphins had the day off.

Led by second-year coach Brian Flores, one of just three Black head coaches in the NFL in 2020, Miami returned to work, and practice, on Friday, one day before its intrasquad scrimmage at Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday.

Flores addressed why the Dolphins chose not to sit out practice or protest Friday in response to the shooting.

"We talked about this the other day and I addressed the Jacob Blake situation with you guys and talked to you about how upsetting it was, how frustrating it is when these situations occur time after time after time and how we need more unity," Flores said.

"So we spoke as a team. Look, we understand there's a lot of things -- they're not where they need to be right now. It pains us. We spoke. We decided to practice, but we all know and understand that things aren't where they need to be right now and we're going to meet later today and just talk about some things we can put into action so that we can try to create some -- make a difference -- create some change"

Flores went on to detail how systemic racism and racial profiling has affected and continues to affect him.

"I've lived this. I grew up in this era. I've had guns pointed at me by police officers," Flores said. "This is not something I take lightly or this team takes lightly.

"We need change."

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