Break CJ2K's 40-yard dash record, make a million

Way back in 2008, a running back out of East Carolina University named Chris Johnson set a modern NFL Scouting Combine record when he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.24 seconds.

Several draft prospects have come close to Johnson's mark in the seven years since, but no one has matched or beat it. If someone pulls off the feat later this month, it could make them an instant millionaire (well, before taxes anyway).

Adidas announced last week it will offer $1 million to any NFL draft prospect who breaks Johnson's mark. Adidas is going whole hog after handing out $100,000 to the players with the three fastest 40-times last year. The only stipulation? The record-setting prospect must be wearing Adidas cleats to be eligible for the prize.

The pressure is always high at the combine. Prospects attempt to display their peak levels of athleticism, coaches and GMs try to make quick reads on potential future investments, and a promising mid-level marketing guru at Adidas hopes his big idea doesn't cost him a job.

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