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Brandon Browner took 'millions and ran with it'

Brandon Browner has completed his lengthy transition to heel in the eyes of New Orleans Saints fans.

After posting a picture of himself and fellow Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman on Instagram over the weekend, Browner got into it with fans in the murky waters of the comments section -- not typically a viable solution to anyone's problems.

According to, Browner said that he "took that few millions (and) ran with it," yet another dig at a team who paid him more than $7 million last season. Browner said he played the year through a torn MCL that he suffered in the preseason, which might have contributed to the fact that he was one of the least effective starting cornerbacks in football. Browner became the most penalized player over a single season in NFL history in 2015 (a stat that began officially tracking in 1999) thanks in large part to a bevy of defensive holding calls.

Could Browner's play alone have saved the Saints from being among the NFL's worst defenses last year? Probably not. As we learned from Rob Ryan's recent interview with The MMQB, there were far bigger philosophical questions not being properly addressed in the defensive meeting room. Browner was merely an on-field manifestation of those problems.

It's easy to say that Browner should be handling this in a more mature fashion seeing as he walked away with a cool $7 million, but he seems actively interested in clarifying his tenure with the Saints -- even if it is in an abrasive style. He is obviously much happier at home in the friendly confines of Seattle's defense, but is also bothered by the perception that he did not play well a year ago.

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