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Brady files trademark application for two new slogans

Tom Brady's representation made sure to push for at least one obvious trademark when his move to Tampa became a reality, and his group is applying to add a couple more to his brand.

Brady's company, TEB Capital Management, has filed for two new trademarks -- "Tompa Bay" and "Tampa Brady" -- according to trademark attorney Josh Gerben.

It's not difficult to see the merchandising opportunity here for a player whose jersey helped catapult the Buccaneers to No. 1 in sports merchandise sales earlier this week. The Dan Patrick Show's website has been selling t-shirts emblazoned with the "Tompa Bay" slogan and includes a two-item collection on its site under the same title.

Per the applications, Brady's group seeks the trademark for use on clothing, headwear and footwear. Last month, Brady's company applied for a trademark for TB x TB, since his initials and that of Tampa Bay are the same.

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