Bobby Wagner wants to be the highest-paid LB in NFL

C.J. Mosely's new contract with the New York Jets blew the linebacker market out of the water. Seattle Seahawks star LB Bobby Wagner wants to beat that pact with his next deal.

The context surrounding Mosely's contract doesn't faze Wagner's desire.

"I mean, the number is the number, the market is the market," Wagner said of Mosley's deal, which was handed out by Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan, who was fired last week.

"That's the top (of the) linebacker market," he added, via the Seattle Times. "That is the standard. And so that is the plan to break that."

Mosely earns $17 million per year on his new contract, easily outdistancing Luke Kuechly's $12.359 million per season. Wagner earned $10.750 million per year on his previous deal.

With the Seahawks backing up a Brink's truck for Russell Wilson, questions will swirl during the final season of Wagner's contract whether Seattle can afford to pay an inside linebacker who turns 29 in June more than $17 million per season.

Wagner has been getting ahead of the storyline, telling NFL Network's Omar Ruiz earlier this month he is preparing for the possibility that it's his final season in Seattle. He doubled down on those feelings Tuesday.

"I'm a professional," Wagner said. "This is what it is. As of right now, my contract ends at this year so that's where it stands. I am honoring the contract, I am here, participating, helping the young guys to be the best they can be. So I am here and that's what I want to do, this is my decision, so as of right now there is no other years for me left here so that was just a very honest opinion that if I don't get a deal done, that's it (in Seattle). But I believe there is something that can happen.''

Wagner is a game-changing force on the interior who can almost single-handedly stuff the run and shut down tight ends or running backs in the passing game. Few inside linebackers are worth $17 million per season. Wagner might be one, even though he'll pass the 30-year-old mark during his next contract.

Wagner is representing himself in negotiations.

"I know my value," he said. "Nobody has to tell me my value. I know my value, so no team, no person, no agent, can tell me my value, and I believe in myself. I bet on myself, and either way to me it's a win. You get a contract, you win. You don't, it's a learning experience, so you win. A lot of people are not willing to take that chance. I am."

To show his worth to Seattle, Wagner is attending voluntary OTAs but won't participate without a new deal. The veteran hopes to help coach up the young Seahawks corps, whether or not they will be his teammates beyond this season.

"I will be here -- that will be my participation," Wagner said. "I will be here helping the young guys, doing whatever I can. ... You want to send the right message. You want to support the guys. I do feel like the quarterback of the defense is pretty important, so not having that piece would put a damper on the defense. I just feel like it's important for our success, so I'm here."

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