Bills store trolling Pats, has ball pumps on main display

The game that spawned a thousand headlines this week adds another one Friday morning.

The lead up to the New England Patriots-Buffalo Bills showdown Sunday afternoon in Western New York has been filled with boisterous proclamations and entertaining banter.

The confidence oozing from Buffalo -- led by coach Rex Ryan -- is at all-time swaggerific levels.

Friday, even the Bills' team store is getting into the troll game, per WIVB reporter Lauren Hall:

You see, it's funny because... oh, balderdash, you know why it's funny.

Jason Klein, retail manager of Delaware North Companies Sportservice at Ralph Wilson Stadium, told NFL Media that the pumps have always been located in the front of the story "for tailgaters who throw footballs around before games, they like to keep them inflated."

However, Klein noted that they are a new item for the 2015 season. 

Wait, so, tailgaters never wanted inflated balls before this season? Did all the offseason talk of PSI levels just make a sales rep realize perhaps ball pumps could be a seller? 

Whatever the reason for the pumps being a "new" item in the Bills' store, it's still a funny -- and quite harmless -- juxtaposition given all the trash talking going on from Buffalo this week. The bravado is heavy and entertaining. Sunday can't get here fast enough.

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