Bengals owner: Adam Jones deserves another chance

Bengals owner and president Mike Brown says he wants to give Adam Jones another chance even though he doesn't condone the alleged "foolish" actions which led to cornerback's arrest in January.

"He knows full well what he has done to himself. He regrets it," Brown told the Bengals' official website and the Cincinnati Enquirer on Wednesday. "But it's been made into a public issue and maybe I am overly tolerant. If so, so be it."

Jones, 33, was arrested in Cincinnati early on the morning of Jan. 3 after allegedly getting into an altercation with a security guard. Last week, Hamilton County (Ohio) Prosecutor Joe Deters announced his office wouldn't pursue a felony harassment with a bodily substance charge against Jones for an alleged incident involving a nurse that occurred after he had been detained.

Jones still faces three misdemeanor charges -- obstructing official business, disorderly conduct and assault. He also remains subject to possible NFL discipline under the league's personal conduct policy.

Although Brown said Jones made a mistake and understands that Jones has been in legal trouble before, he believes the 11-year NFL veteran should be shown some leniency.

"It's easy to sit on high and say, 'oh, terrible, terrible. Let's bring down the sword.' I think that's an overreaction," Brown said.

"I don't know that I have been perfect in my lifetime, either. I probably did some things I wish I hadn't. Most people would probably have to admit to that. He didn't hurt anybody physically. He just hurt himself by how he comported himself. In some ways that's punishment enough right there. You have to live with that."

In 2013, Jones was arrested on assault charges before being acquitted and, in 2007, he was suspended the entire season by the NFL due to a buildup of various legal issues.

Brown said he's also keeping Jones' family in mind in determining his reaction to Jones' latest arrest.

"It's a bigger picture than one incident," Brown said. "And I get to be the one that sits in the chair to decide that. So I have chosen to decide it the way I am deciding it. I'm going to give him a chance. I hope it comes out right for him, for his family and for us."

A short time after Brown's comments were published, Jones tweeted the following message:

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