Belichick: No 'great example' of how to beat Chiefs

Bill Belichick dove into Chiefs film right after Kansas City's wild-card romp over the Texans, leaving him with one big impression: The Patriots have their work cut out for them in Saturday's divisional-round tilt.

"The fact they haven't lost in so long, it's not like you can go to a game and say, 'Here's how this team has defeated them,'" Belichick said Sunday, per The Kansas City Star. "That just doesn't exist."

Said Belichick: "We've got to figure out a way, and there's not a great example on film. There are different things we can point to and different ideas or concepts of a certain part of the game that went well for one of Kansas City's opponents. But overall, there's nothing really to say, 'This team found a way to do it.'"

Kansas City's formula has been steady during the team's 11-game win streak: Create turnovers on defense and limit them on offense to slowly squeeze the life out of your competition.

The Patriots, meanwhile, have lost four of six with a depleted offense that desperately needs wideout Julian Edelman back against a Chiefs defense that bottled up the Texans and forced quarterback Brian Hoyer into five turnovers.

"They pretty much dominated that game from the opening kickoff all the way through the fourth quarter," Belichick said. "It was a typical Kansas City game the last three-quarters of the season ... they capitalize on opponents' mistakes and don't make many."

Belichick said that he'll also "definitely look" at last year's 41-14 loss to the Chiefs in Week 4, saying: "There has been whatever ... 25 games played since then, and it's definitely a game to look at, but there are a couple of thousand plays on either side of the ball. There are some things somewhat outdated just based on the players and personnel."

Bill's right. This Chiefs club is a different beast. New England always gets the benefit of the doubt, but this divisional-round tilt lines up as no easy task for the defending Super Bowl champs.

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