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Beckham, Landry forced to change cleats vs. Broncos

Jarvis Landry confirmed a report from CBS' broadcast of the Browns' Sunday game against the Broncos that he and teammate Odell Beckham had to change their cleats at halftime in order to continue playing.

Jay Feely, who was part of CBS' broadcast, reported during the first half that Landry and Beckham were informed that their cleats were in violation of the league's uniform policy. According to, Beckham's first-half cleats were white with "blue and red colors in a face resembling the character from the recent movie Joker," while Landry's were an orange shade more similar to the Broncos' than the Browns'.

"I don't really understand," Landry said after Cleveland's 24-19 loss to the Broncos, per "When we went up to the Nike headquarters to start game planning throughout the season and our uniforms and things like that. These things get cleared by the league before Nike can process the shoe. So Nike greenlit the shoe and thinking they had the greenlight from the NFL. So, I didn't see it as being a problem or distraction to anybody. I'm just trying to play football."

Per NFL rules, "A player may wear shoes that are black, white, or any Constitutional team color, or any combination of black, white, and a Constitutional team color."

This was not the first time Beckham has been in the news following a game for wardrobe reasons. Beckham violated a league rule when he wore a Richard Mille watch during the season opener. He then was fined $14,000 last month for wearing pants that "failed to cover the knee area" during a Week 6 loss to the Seahawks.

Beckham and Landry combined for 11 catches for 138 yards and a touchdown Sunday.

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