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Aaron Donald at Rams' Super Bowl LVI victory parade: 'Why not run it back?'

For the first time in franchise history, the Los Angeles Rams are able to celebrate their Lombardi Trophy with the City of Angels. They're hoping to do the same again a year from now.

First up on the docket: Getting their most important defender on board for a title defense.

Rams coach Sean McVay capitalized on the opportunity Wednesday, grabbing his own microphone to implore Aaron Donald to return for another championship pursuit.

"Run it back! Run it back!" McVay shouted a total of five times during the Rams' Super Bowl LVI victory parade.

Donald, who admitted he'd been imbibing while celebrating his first Super Bowl triumph, was easily convinced by his coach.

"We built a super team. We can bring the super team back," Donald said. "Why not run it back? We can be world champs again."

That probably settles that. We can leave the questions about Donald's future for, well, the future that exists beyond the 2022 season. As for his 40-year-old teammate Andrew Whitworth, the oldest active player in the NFL following Tom Brady's retirement, such a question did not receive the same affirmative answer.

"You know what, we'll save that conversation for another day," Whitworth said. "But what I will say, because I hadn't touched on this yet: Five years ago, I was told I was a little too old. And I was told that maybe my time was done. And I'll tell you this, for every single person standing out there that's ever doubted anything you've ever done, bet on yourself, because five years later I'm holding this trophy up, and I'm 40 years old. Let's go. Don't let anybody's opinions of you ever become your reality. Bet on yourself. World damn champions."

Whitworth closed his time at the podium by turning the collective attention toward Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp, who caught the game-winning touchdown inside the final two minutes of action.

Like his teammates, Kupp was having a good time Wednesday. And he's ready to embark on another pursuit of football glory with a Los Angeles legend in mind.

"I'm standing here in this city that knows nothing but championships," Kupp said. "We're out here celebrating this championship. Kobe (Bryant is) a part of this. He belongs here. And I'll tell you what: He set the standard. All I know, get back to work. Let's run it back."

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