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2013 NFL schedule: Broncos-Patriots top revenge game

"Revenge should have no bounds," Shakespeare wrote.

A bit harsh, but after last season ended in infamy for every team outside of Baltimore city limits, everyone's looking for justice.

With Thursday's release of the NFL regular-season schedule, we've gone ahead and circled five revenge-fueled affairs dipped in bad blood.

1. Wes Welker vs. New England Patriots, Week 12:

The Tom Brady cutaways on "Sunday Night Football" promise liquid gold. The Patriots quarterback will attempt to keep it under control as Welker hauls in pass after pass from Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. Bottom line: Welker's split with New England was personal, and this arguably is the game of the year. The NFL did a nice job slating this for late November at Foxborough, when the Peyton-to-Welker psychic connection will be fully operational.

Last time we checked in with the Packers, they were being outplayed, outsmarted and exposed by the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC divisional playoffs. Perhaps you've heard by now how Kaepernick blasted the Packers for an otherworldly 181 yards on the ground? Packers coach Mike McCarthy has dedicated this offseason to solving the read-option and we'll find out right away in San Francisco if he's done his homework.

Manning's triumphant comeback season ended in despair at home against the Ravens in the playoffs. In a bit of a mischief, The Ravens are stuck traveling back to Denver (thank you, high-maintenance Orioles). Doesn't seem fair, but returning to the scene of the crime gives this year's NFL Kickoff some edge.

4. Andy Reid vs. Philadelphia Eagles, Week 3:

Forget Reid's pretty words as he was shuffled out of Philly. The schedule-makers have dug up an early-season gem, sending the Chiefs into the Linc for a Thursday night tilt with Chip Kelly's Eagles. From Reid to Alex Smith to Michael Vick to custom-made-Eagles-smoothies, this one's drenched in subplots.

5. Greg Jennings vs. Green Bay Packers, Week 8 and Week 12:

The Packers didn't want to pay Jennings, but the Vikings did. We'll find out over the course of two games who got it right.

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