Billy Sims Karate Kicks Steve Brown
Billy Sims Karate Kicks Steve Brown
November 13, 1983

Billy Sims Karate Kicks Steve Brown

"Is that illegal? Can you do that?" - Keegan-Michael Key
Keegan-Michael Key
by Keegan-Michael Key

A run in November 1983 by Lions RB Billy Sims, a former Heisman Trophy Winner, was probably more appropriate for a martial arts class than a football game. Playing in the Houston Astrodome against the hometown Oilers, whose record was 0-10, the Lions snapped the ball at the Oilers’ 30. After Sims caught a pitch, he ran to the right, followed some blockers and then accelerated before launching himself with one foot off the AstroTurf over a would-be tackler. Then, while still soaring in mid-air, Sims karate-kicked a hapless Oiler defender, Steve Brown, who fell down at the 20-yard line. The 13-yard run and kung fu-like move – for which Sims was oddly not penalized but for which he was later fined $500 – was one of many unorthodox but dazzling runs in Sims’ early-1980s career that prematurely ended due to injury.

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