Michael Vick 46 Yard Game-Winning TD Run
Michael Vick 46 Yard Game-Winning TD Run
December 1, 2002

Michael Vick 46 Yard Game-Winning TD Run

"One of the moments in sports that you'll never be able to take away." - Michael Vick
Offest & Quavo (Migos)
by Offset & Quavos (Migos)

Michael Vick, on the first day of December in 2002, delivered one of the most exciting plays of his career – and it came at an opportune moment. The Falcons were playing the Vikings at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, and at 7-3-1 were in the hunt for an NFC South championship. But the 3-8 Vikings hung tough, tying the game at 24 on a field goal just before the end of regulation. In overtime, with the ball at the Vikings’ 46, Vick received a snap, went back on a play-action fake, rolled to his left, and then took off down near the sideline. At the 40, in the vicinity of three Viking defenders, he exploded into another gear, leaving them in the dust. Then, at the 20, a pair of would-be tacklers appeared to have Vick trapped. Vick narrowly busted in between them – the two bumped into each other and fell down – and Vick won a footrace against two more Vikings for a 46-yard touchdown and a Falcons win. Vick finished the game with 173 yards passing and 173 yards rushing and went on that season to make his first of four Pro Bowls. The Falcons wound up making the playoffs and advancing to the Divisional round before losing to the Eagles.

Offest & Quavo (Migos)
Offset &
Quavos (Migos)
Offset and Quavo are cousins from Lawrenceville, Georgia who comprise two-thirds of the hip-hop group Migos. They are known for their mixtapes, such as Y.R.N., which included the hit single, “Versace.” Other hit songs include “Fight Night” and “Bad and Boujee.” Quavo was a high school quarterback who led his county in yards passing – and both men are fans of the Atlanta Falcons. In the song, “11 Birds,” Migos references Falcons receiver Julio Jones, who also appears in the song’s music video.
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Lawrenceville, GA
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Atlanta Falcons