A. Peterson Stiff Arms Browns for 64 Yard TD
A. Peterson Stiff Arms Browns for 64 Yard TD
September 13, 2009

A. Peterson Stiff Arms Browns for 64 Yard TD

"Adrian Peterson looked like he was out there playing against peewee football players." - Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas
by Joe Thomas

In the 2009 season opener, on a Sunday afternoon at Cleveland Browns Stadium, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson showcased his unique blend of speed, power, and shiftiness – all on a single play. With 6:11 left in the fourth quarter, the Vikings were winning 27-13 and looking to put the game away with possession of the ball at their own 36. Peterson, who had led the NFL in rushing yards the previous season, took a handoff from Vikings QB Brett Favre on a 1st and 10. He found a hole on the left side and rocketed through, approaching the Browns’ secondary. He stutter-stepped, exploding around one defender, then breaking a tackle, then issuing a stiff arm before sprinting like a race horse into the end zone. The Vikings won the game 34-20 to kick off a season in which at 12-4 they won the NFC North; Peterson would be chosen as a First-Team All-Pro for the second consecutive season.

Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas is a former Browns offensive tackle who was a First-Team All-Pro six times. Also a 10-time Pro Bowler, he played collegiately at Wisconsin, his home state. Born and raised in Brookfield, a Milwaukee suburb, Thomas was a huge Packers fan as a kid and counted many of their players among his heroes. He is currently an analyst for the NFL Network.
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Brookfield, WI
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Green Bay Packers