Favre 40 Yard TD Pass to Sharpe in Playoffs
Favre 40 Yard TD Pass to Sharpe in Playoffs
January 8, 1994

Favre 40 Yard TD Pass to Sharpe in Playoffs

"It was like a superhuman feat." - Keegan-Michael Key
Keegan-Michael Key
by Keegan-Michael Key

On a Saturday in January 1994, in the NFC Wild Card game at Detroit’s Pontiac Silverdome, a late, clutch throw by a young Brett Favre was a breakout moment for the Hall of Famer. After coming back from a 17-7 second-half deficit to take the lead, Green Bay then relinquished it back in the fourth quarter as the Lions went ahead 24-21. With about a minute left, the Packers had the ball on the Lions’ 40. Favre, who was 24 and in his third season, dropped back, scampered to his left, and then gunned a pass all the way to the right side of the end zone, to a streaking receiver, Sterling Sharpe, who caught the ball all alone for the difference-making touchdown in a 28-24 Packer victory. It was one of three TD passes on the day for Favre, all of them to Sharpe. And while the Packers lost the next week to the Cowboys, that Favre-to-Sharpe play could be interpreted as an early turning point in Favre’s career: he’d thrown more interceptions than touchdowns during the regular season. But the next year, everything changed: Favre tossed more TDs than interceptions by a margin of 33 to 14.

Keegan-Michael Key
Keegan Michael Key is an actor, writer, and comedian who was the co-creator and co-star of "Key & Peele", the Emmy Award winning series on Comedy Central. He grew up in Detroit, and has been a die-hard Lions fan since he was about 10. And while the Lions have brought him years of torment, he refuses to quit on them.
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