"River City Relay"
"River City Relay"
December 21, 2003

"River City Relay"

"It's very easy to get mad at Saints games." - Shane West
Shane West
by Shane West

On December 21, 2003, at Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, a meeting between the Jaguars and the 7-7 Saints, who needed a win to keep their season alive, resulted in one of the wackiest finishes ever. With six seconds remaining, Saints trailed 20-13 with no timeouts left and the ball at their own 25. New Orleans QB Aaron Brooks pump-faked and threw a fluttering pass down the right sideline to WR Donte Stallworth, who caught the ball at the 50. Stallworth sidestepped one defender, then went past another, before being surrounded by several more defenders. Breaking suddenly left, Stallworth faked all of them out, and dashed back toward the middle of the field where he was confronted by another defender. With time expired, Stallworth desperately pitched the ball to his left to WR Michael Lewis at the Jaguars 25, who himself looked trapped – until he lateraled the ball to RB Deuce McAllister, who, having nowhere to go, wheeled right and lateraled a spiral overhand to WR Jerome Pathon, who caught the ball just outside the 20 and cut diagonally across the field for the touchdown. The Saints had improbably forced overtime. But no so fast: in perhaps the most anti-climatic extra point try in NFL history, Saints kicker John Carney missed the kick and the Saints lost, 20-19.

Shane West
Shane West is an actor and musician. He has starred in the TV shows “Once and Again” and “ER,” and in the films A Walk to Remember and What We Do Is Secret. A Baton Rouge, Louisiana native, West is a huge Saints fan who admitted to shedding tears when they won the Super Bowl. He called the Saints’ championship “the perfect way” for the city to recover after Hurricane Katrina.
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Baton Rouge, LA
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New Orleans Saints