"Motown Miracle"
"Motown Miracle"
December 3, 2015

"Motown Miracle"

"We all thought the game was over." - James Van Der Beek
James Van Der Beek
by James Van Der Beek

On a Thursday night in Detroit in December 2015, one of the great Hail Marys in football history determined the outcome of an NFC North game between the Packers and Lions. In the fourth quarter, the Packers were down 23-21 with the ball on their own 39 and no timeouts remaining. Aaron Rodgers received a snap out of the shotgun, skillfully danced out of the pocket, found an opening and with a nice running start heaved the ball from his own 35 high and far towards a cluster of Lions and Packers standing in the end zone. When it finally came down, Richard Rodgers, a 6-foot-4, 257-pound Packers tight end, had caught the ball for a 61-yard TD reception and a 27-23 Green Bay win. Rodgers removed his helmet and ran over to join his celebrating teammates in the end zone as Lions players and fans stood around looking shell-shocked.

James Van Der Beek
Van Der Beek
James Van Der Beek is an actor who became famous for his role in the TV drama Dawson’s Creek. He also starred in the 1999 film, Varsity Blues, in which he played a Texas high school quarterback. In the movie, his jersey number, No. 4, was in honor of Brett Favre; he had it changed from No. 13 in the script. Van Der Beek, as a child growing up in Connecticut, became enamored with Favre and the Packers’ history and tradition – and remains a Green Bay fan to this day.
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Cheshire, CT
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Green Bay Packers