Tony Dorsett 99 Yard TD Run on MNF
Tony Dorsett 99 Yard TD Run on MNF
January 3, 1983

Tony Dorsett 99 Yard TD Run on MNF

"I'm a big fan of the number 33 because of Tony Dorsett." - Keenan Thompson
Keenan Thompson
by Keenan Thompson

The first 99-yard rushing touchdown in the NFL occurred under the spotlight of Monday Night Football just a few days into the New Year in 1983. In the fourth quarter of a game between the Vikings and Cowboys at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, with the Vikings leading 24-13, the Cowboys were pinned back against their own goal line. Tony Dorsett, the Hall of Fame running back, took a handoff in his own end zone and exploded across the line of scrimmage through a hole, racing like a cheetah into the Vikings secondary. A Viking defensive back, John Swain, now stood facing Dorsett, but the running back stutter-stepped and changed direction going right, leaving Swain in the dust. Around midfield, Dorsett had to contend with two Vikings, with one blocker up ahead of him. Dorsett decelerated to a gallop, then tight-roped around them down the right sideline before running into the end zone. While the Vikings held on, 31-27, the feat by Dorsett wouldn’t be matched for nearly 36 years, when his record was tied by the Titans’ Derrick Henry.

Keenan Thompson
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