David Tyree Helmet Catch in Super Bowl XLII
David Tyree Helmet Catch in Super Bowl XLII
February 3, 2008

David Tyree Helmet Catch in Super Bowl XLII

"We talk about miracles, that was a miracle." - Luis Guzman
Trey Wingo
by Trey Wingo

On Feb. 3, 2008, an improbable catch by an unlikely hero keyed one of the great upsets in NFL history. With 1:15 left in Super Bowl XLII, the Tom Brady-led Patriots led the Giants, 14-10, and were on the verge of becoming the league’s first undefeated champion since the ’72 Dolphins. The New York Giants offense faced a third and 5 on their own 44. Quarterback Eli Manning dropped back and eluded numerous pass rushers – one of whom grabbed his jersey –and launched a jump ball downfield that floated between the Patriots’ Rodney Harrison and Giants receiver David Tyree, an unheralded backup receiver. At the top of his jump, Tyree secured the ball by pinning it against his helmet for a 32-yard catch at the New England 24. The Giants, who had lost six games during the season and entered the Super Bowl as 12-point underdogs, scored a touchdown four plays later and won, 17-14. Bill Belichick’s Patriots were denied a perfect record and a fourth Super Bowl title in seven years.

Trey Wingo
Trey Wingo is an ESPN host for the shows “NFL Live,” “NFL Primetime,” “Sportscenter,” and “Golic and Wingo.” Wingo, whose voice is used in multiple NFL video games, grew up rooting for the Cowboys. His entire family is from Texas; during the first game he ever watched on TV, a Monday night came between St. Louis and Dallas many years ago, he asked his father about the blue star that graces the Cowboys’ helmet – and consequently became a fan.
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