“One Yard Short” Game Saving Tackle In SB XXIV
“One Yard Short” Game Saving Tackle In SB XXIV
January 30, 2000

“One Yard Short” Game Saving Tackle In SB XXIV

"Both of those guys were trying to do their job and one guy did it one yard better." - Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm
by Jon Hamm

The first Super Bowl of the 21st century ended with a clutch and dramatic last-second tackle, which proved and made literal the old adage that “defense wins championships.” With six seconds left in the game, which was played at Atlanta’s Georgia Dome, the Rams led the Titans, 23-16. But Tennessee had a chance to tie it, with the ball at the St. Louis 10. Titans quarterback Steve McNair caught the snap out of the shotgun, and threw the ball to wide receiver Kevin Dyson, who was cutting across the middle on a slant. Dyson caught the ball while on the move inside the 5, with only one man between him and Super Bowl Glory: 30-year-old, undrafted linebacker Mike Jones. Dyson had a step on Jones, but the Ram defender wrapped Dyson up by the leg, halting the receiver’s progress. As he fell, Dyson desperately extended his arm and the ball as far as he could, but fell inches short of the goal line. The Rams had won their franchise’s first Super Bowl.

Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm is an Emmy Award-winning actor who played Don Draper on the show, “Mad Men.” Hamm, who has also appeared in many movies including “Million Dollar Arm” and “Keeping up with the Joneses,” was born in St. Louis, where he was a talented high school linebacker. Due to the losing ways of his hometown’s football team, the St. Louis Cardinals, in the 1970s Hamm rooted for the Steelers instead. Hamm retained a dual allegiance into adulthood, even after the Cardinals moved to Arizona; when the Steelers and Cardinals met in Super Bowl XLIII, Hamm called it “a dream come true.”
Place of Birth:
St. Louis, Missouri
Preferred Team:
Los Angeles Rams