Brian Bosworth
Brian Bosworth

Brian Bosworth

"I didn't know what a mullet was, until Brian Bosworth came onto the scene." - Jerry O'Connell
Chris Jericho
by Chris Jericho

Known as “The Boz,” Brian Bosworth was a brash and controversial linebacker for the Seahawks in the 1980s who is today remembered more for his ego than his on-field performance. A 6-foot-2, 248-pound bad-boy with wild and flashy hairdos, including a spiky blonde mullet, Bosworth entered the NFL with astronomical hype after being selected by Seattle in the 1987 supplemental draft. He’d already become a media sensation at the University of Oklahoma, where he twice won the Butkus Award as the nation’s best linebacker, but was banned from the Orange Bowl in 1987 after testing positive for steroids. (Bosworth was subsequently kicked off his team for wearing a shirt at the Orange Bowl that said, “National Communists Against Athletes,” an acronym mocking the NCAA.) Bosworth totaled 4 sacks and finished second on the Seahawks in tackles his rookie year. But he's also remembered for losing a 1-on-1 goal line battle against Bo Jackson and Bosworth retired after three seasons due to injury. He then became an actor, playing a tough cop in the 1991 action film, “Stone Cold,” and appearing in “The Longest Yard” among other movies and TV shows.

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho is a professional wrestler who appeared in WWE for nearly two decades, and is a musician who is the lead singer of the band, Fozzy. A native Canadian whose father, Ted Irvine, played in the NHL, Jericho wasn’t a football fan growing up. But he decided to give it the game a try because his wife loves the Vikings. Now, Jericho himself is a Vikings fan who follows the team closely and has attended their games at the Metrodome.
Place of Birth:
Manhasset, NY
Preferred Team:
Minnesota Vikings