Dan Hanzus' Top 10 players of 2015


Wednesday night marks the end of our journey on the NFL Network's The Top 100 Players of 2015 countdown as players 10 through 1 will be revealed starting at 8 p.m. ET.

We at Around The NFL are offering up our own top 10 selections. Please note that NFL players had zero input in the creation of these lists. So they should make a lot more sense.

1. Aaron Rodgers
2. J.J. Watt
3. Tom Brady
4. Andrew Luck
5. Adrian Peterson
6. Rob Gronkowski
7. Le'Veon Bell
8. Darrelle Revis
9. Earl Thomas
10. Peyton Manning

» Anyone who doesn't have Aaron Rodgers at No. 1 on their list is overthinking it. He's the best quarterback in football, in his prime, playing the game at a historically high level.

» I wrote in my list last year that I needed to see Manning show signs of decline before dropping him from No. 1 on my list. Last winter's injury-aided slide counts, but not enough to dismiss him entirely.

» Watt is to defensive players what Rodgers is to offensive players right now. Watt is behind Rodgers only because quarterback is a more important position than defensive lineman.

» DeMarco Murray might be the reigning Offensive Player of the Year, but Le'Veon Bell is the more talented, dynamic player. We still think the Steelers would have won the AFC last season with a healthy Bell in the playoffs.

» I'm not entirely comfortable putting Peterson on here, but can I honestly say he's not one of the 10 best players in the NFL, even after the year off? I cannot.

» Is Brady a top 10 player without Gronk? Is Gronk a top 10 player without Brady? CHICKEN OR EGG? EGG OR CHICKEN? (Head explodes)

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