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Brian Robison questions Vikings' late-game play calls


The entire Minnesota Vikings coaching staff is under siege.

Thursday, Dec. 12, 8 p.m. ET
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Leslie Frazier has gotten heat for his quarterback decisions and the Vikings' 1-7 record. Offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave has been scorched for his play-calling and inability to get Adrian Peterson loose. He's even been mocked for his tiny play card.

On Sunday, it was defensive coordinator Alan Williams' turn to face the noise after a 27-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Vikings defenders, including defensive linemen Kevin Williams and Brian Robison, questioned the coaching decision to drop into prevent-style coverage on the final drive after they had success all game rushing Tony Romo.

"We were putting heat on him the whole day," Robison steamed, per the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "We had (three) sacks today. That's a pretty dang good day and then all of a sudden we get a drive, we're going to rush three guys and we don't get to him. You've got five guys to block three. ... "

According to Robison, the play-calling says "a lot of things" about the team.

"It says obviously when we rush four, we're pretty dang good," the defensive end said. "We can be pretty dang good, especially when we rush four against five. I like the odds of that in our favor every week. I feel like when we're in a rhythm, and guys are dropping out, (it) kind of takes it out of that."

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The Vikings led 23-20 and had the Cowboys pinned on their own 10-yard line with 2:44 remaining. The prevent defense allowed Romo to complete seven of nine passes to account for all 90 yards of the winning drive.

A 1-7 team is going to have discontent, but Frazier is in danger of completely losing his locker room. Vikings general manager Rick Spielman said Friday he won't make a coaching change, but if the situation continues to unravel at such a break-neck pace, he might have to change course.

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