ATL Buzz Report: Where 'Gonk' is always wide open


Each week, Dan Hanzus sifts through the pro football landscape to bring you sublime subplots of NFL life. Some of it he loves. Some he does not. Other stuff, he can't quite decide. The ATL Buzz Report.

the sweetness
  • Sample 5

    5. Ray Ray's Boston send-off

    The Ray Lewis billboard in Boston was a modest affair ... thankfully. How is this not better motivation than a couple tweets by Brendon Ayanbadejo?

  • Sample 6

    6. Welcome back, Mike

    Mike Lombardi should've worn a winter coat for the chilly response he received from Cleveland media on Friday. This is going to be fun to follow.

  • Sample 7

    7. Taylor the tough guy

    Jason Taylor said he nearly had his leg amputated after suffering an injury in 2008. Just when you thought his one-season run with the Redskins couldn't get worse.

  • Sample 8

    8. Safe like a fox

    John Fox's best friend right now is time. The more that passes, the more people will forget how his timid coaching helped bury the Broncos against the Ravens.

the foulness

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