Boston mayor talks up 'Vince Wilcock' and 'Gonk'


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Boston mayor Mike Tom Menino has a long track record of flubbing famous sports names. It's almost like he goes out of the way to do so.

Some old favorites include "Wes Wekler" and "Varitek splitting the uprights." (Yes, that was supposed to be Vinatieri.)

On Wednesday, Menino topped himself in this video from Comcast SportsNet New England, extolling the virtues of Vince "Wilcock." And he was just getting started.

"Hernandez is going to do a great job stepping in for Gonk, because Gonk is hurt," Menino said.

Our favorite part of the video: Menino was looking at notes the whole time in order to avoid getting anything wrong. He was looking at the notes while saying "Tom Brady."

Boston seems like the least likely city in the country to be tolerant of such sports ignorance. It's amazing Menino remains in office, but he's had a run at the top not unlike Vince Wilcock himself.

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