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Denver mayor's injury delays 'squirrel dance' wager


Denver mayor Michael Hancock has paid dearly for the Denver Broncos' playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

The Broncos38-35 defeat in double overtime Saturday dropped Hancock into the loss column of a bet he made with Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Along with shipping a crate of dry-aged "cowboy cut" rib-eye steaks to Baltimore's political leader, Hancock was tasked with performing a public rendition of the "squirrel dance," the pregame routine made famous by Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.

Those plans are on hold after Hancock hurt himself Monday night.

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Amber Miller, the mayor's spokeswoman, told The Denver Post he was injured "during pregame warm-ups," but is "expected to be on the field in the second half, ready to carry out the game plan and fulfill his end of the wager."

Overly ripe attempts at football jargon aside, the spin is on -- and the squirrel is on hold.

Had Peyton Manning and friends endured, Baltimore's Washington Monument would have been lit in Broncos colors and Hancock would be dining tonight on fresh, broiled crab cakes.

Chalk it up to yet another high-stakes mayoral diversion gone very, very wrong.

UPDATE: Per The Associated Press, Miller initially said Hancock suffered an unspecified injury during "pre-game" warmups, but later said he pulled a muscle at a stock show and will fulfill his promise after he heals.

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