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Miles Austin shakes off Dallas Cowboys 'window' talk


One of the more grating subplots of the offseason revolved around a theory that the Dallas Cowboys' window for Super Bowl glory is closing.

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Jerry Jones started it all, and things kind of snowballed from there. Thankfully, we can count wide receiver Miles Austin as one Cowboy not caught up in the chatter.

"To be honest, I don't deal with windows," Austin said Wednesday on NFL Network's "Inside Training Camp Live." "I deal with the field. That's all I deal with. I just try to do my job."

Jones is nearly 70, so his words were understandable from a personal standpoint. Father Time eventually closes all our windows, ventilation freak that he is. But Austin and the Cowboys shouldn't be consumed with the idea that Week 1 commences a do-or-die operation.

Every roster has players on the outer edges of their usefulness, but the core stars of the Cowboys -- Tony Romo (32), Dez Bryant (23), Jason Witten (30), DeMarcus Ware (30) and, yes, Austin (28) -- are all squarely in their prime.

Jones backed off his comments this week, humorously stating he's closing the window on "closing the window" talk. One can only hope.


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