Chris Canty: Eli Manning more clutch than Tony Romo


Keep in mind that we're hearing this from a member of the New York Giants, but Chris Canty believes his quarterback, Eli Manning, has left Tony Romo in the dust.

Canty told ESPN Radio this week that Manning "absolutely" was the guy you want in the huddle when the bullets fly. It's worth mentioning because Canty spent the early part of his career in Dallas as Romo's teammate.

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"Tony Romo is a terrific quarterback, can't take that away from him. Statistically he's a top five quarterback," Canty said, via "Eli's ability to elevate his game and elevate the play of all the guys around him in the most crucial situations in the football game I believe is the difference. That's what makes him a championship quarterback."

Canty also took issue with NFL Network's "The Top 100: Players of 2012," which ranked Manning at No. 31: "I just don't understand that," Canty said. "For goodness sake, just look at the resume, look at what he's been able to do. He's an elite football player, and I think it's time people recognized that."

Canty doesn't need to sell people on the "elite" argument, not for Manning. Quarterbacks with two Super Bowl titles enter that conversation without much trouble.

Romo -- despite Brett Favre's backing -- faces a different challenge. As Canty points out, Romo's numbers aren't the issue. With just one playoff win, he remains a polarizing figure.