Under the Hood: The best of the NFL on 'Saturday Night Live'

  • By Aron Angel
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Eli Manning will be the 11th NFL player to host "Saturday Night Live" on May 5. In honor of Manning's turn on the 30 Rock stage, we bring you a few of the best moments from professional football players on "SNL" over the years.

Tom Brady hosting "SNL" in 2004 sparked a little jealousy among Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb and McNabb's mom.

Bonus: Not a touchdown!

Eli's older brother Peyton hosted "Saturday Night Live" in 2007 and gave a few young kids the lesson of a lifetime in this digital short.

Bonus: Peyton and Kristen Wiig "On the Porch."

Joe Montana co-hosted with Walter Payton in 1987. When the pair stop by for an innocent game of catch with the Church Lady, things get awkward and it's not because of their awesome sweaters.

Bonus: Montana as "Sincere Guy Stu," the most honest man in the world.

Bon Jovi was listed as the musical guest on the Feb. 18, 1995 episode, but Deion Sanders ended up hosting and performing. As much as we love the unintentional comedy of Deion's "Must be the Money", we also recommend the above video in which Sanders teams up with Adam Sandler and Tim Meadows as "The Simple Rappers."

Bonus: Deion makes a promise to a dying boy (Chris Farley).

John Madden and Eddie Murphy take the dysfunction of the Cincinnati Bengals to a whole other level in 1982.



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