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Season 8 Premieres Friday September 14

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A Football Life

Showcasing the lives and careers of legendary players, coaches and executives, NFL Films examines the untold stories of the most influential NFL icons with unprecedented access. Each film tells the story of how their legacy is forever intertwined in the fabric of NFL history.

A Football Life EPISODES

S7 Ep1 - Dan Marino

Aired 9/15/2017

The singular talent and legacy of Hall of Famer Dan Marino, "The Quarterback's Quarterback."

S7 Ep2 - Emmitt Smith

Aired 9/22/2017

Emmitt Smith makes an indelible impact on the game of football and builds a case as the greatest running back of all time by breaking one of the NFL's hallowed records and making everyone around him better.

S7 Ep3 - John Madden

Aired 9/29/2017

The many football lives of Raiders Hall of Fame coach, broadcaster, commercial star and video game pioneer John Madden.

S7 Ep4 - Wes Welker

Aired 10/6/2017

Undersized and unwanted, Wes Welker overcomes obstacles to re-define the role of the slot receiver in the NFL.

S7 Ep5 - Sam Mills

Aired 10/13/2017

He was once deemed too short to play in the NFL, but Sam Mills became an All-Pro and built a legacy that still looms larger than life.

S7 Ep6 - Jim Kelly

Aired 11/03/2017

How does a man emerge a champion after a life filled with loss? Leading the Buffalo Bills to four straight Super Bowls is only part of Jim Kelly's legend.

S7 Ep7 - Larry Fitzgerald

Aired 11/10/2017

The globetrotting journey of Larry Fitzgerald - a man who's caught more than 1,000 passes, scored more than 100 touchdowns, visited nearly 100 countries, and lived one fascinating Football Life.

S7 Ep8 - Eddie George

Aired 11/17/2017

Eddie George played football for his father. After a brilliant career at Ohio State and with the Tennessee Titans, he started acting for himself.

S7 Ep9 - Joe Gibbs

Aired 11/17/2017

Hall of Fame Head Coach Joe Gibbs tries to balance his personal and professional life while building the NFL's most diverse dynasty.

S7 Ep10 - Jerry Jones

Aired 12/01/2017

Jerry Jones works his way up from greeter at his parents grocery store in Little Rock, Arkansas to become the only active owner in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

S7 Ep11 - Aeneas Williams

Aired 12/08/2017

Aeneas Williams's long journey from college walk-on to Hall of Fame defensive back to pastor in Ferguson, Missouri.

S7 Ep12 - John Randle

Aired 12/15/2017

Passed over by every NFL team, John Randle's madcap antics vault the undrafted free agent from rags to riches and stardom with the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks.

S7 Ep13 - Lynn Swann & John Stallworth

Aired 12/22/2017

Two different personalities, two separate paths, one shared drive for greatness: the rivalry, friendship and artistry of Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame receivers Lynn Swann and John Stallworth.