Like/Dislike: Skeptical of Matthew Stafford in Week 6


What we are talking about:

  • Aaron Rodgers

    He might be good at football

  • Matthew Stafford

    Injuries, inconsistencies, yikes

  • Zayn-Owens

    A double-turn for the ages

Ben Roethlisberger strikes me as the kind of guy who hits "maybe" on his Evite invitation. Because you know he just wants everybody to beg him to go to the event, because it just won't be the same without you, Ben! And that kind of stunt works fine when you're in your 20s. But once you get on the other side of 30, you start to have less time for that nonsense and you don't care.

Just recently, we planned a pub crawl for my friend's birthday (just because we are on the wrong side of 30 doesn't mean we're not too stupid to do such things). One couple was all, "hey we have plans and we won't be able to make it." Which was clearly the, "Please, convince us to go."

Nobody said anything. We were all like, "cool, have fun. Catch you on the flip, suckas." (And really, nobody talks enough about how great Skeletor is at trash talk. Look it up on the YouTube. He's great.)

But sure as (expletive), they reached on Wednesday and were all, "Well, plans changed. When are we meeting up?" Because you knew that was going to happen.

I feel like Ben is in a similar vein. He wants everybody to fawn all over him. He's fake retired. He's complained about his injuries. Even this week he said that he might have lost it (and then got mad at everybody for repeating his words). It's so reminiscent of HBK saying that he lost his smile. And I don't know if this means Psycho Sid becomes the next quarterback of the Steelers or not (I know Bret Hart held the title for a night, don't @ me). I can't tell you that.

But Ben is needy. And I think he got enough positive reinforcement this week to go out and have a pretty good game. Because this is classic Ben. He's on the road. He's got a tough-ish matchup. This is the circle-the-wagons type of game where Big Ben will thrive. I mean, he's going to throw some picks. He's going to play the classics. I mean, Blink 182 is going to play the hits. "Damn it" and "All the Small Things" and "Josie" and, wait, they don't play "Josie" anymore. But Ben will throw some picks as well as some bombs to Antonio Brown and all will be right with the world. You just need to deal with his passive aggressiveness. Again, I'm not saying you start him in anything more than a 14-teamer or something. But I do think he bounces back this week and isn't truly awful. Which, I know is setting the bar very, very low.

But this is where we are at with him. We just want him to not be awful.

And without further ado ...

I'm really of the mind that Eli Manning will manage to have negative fantasy points this week. If your options are Eli or taking a zero, I might just leave the roster spot empty. Why risk it?

What do Mike Glennon, Blake Bortles, Josh McCown, Jacoby Brissett and Kevin Hogan have in common? They all have a higher passer rating than Ben Roethlisberger. That's just mean.

Derek Carr wants to play this week. I understand the Raiders really need to win. But I would want to take at least another week. Alas, there is only one team I have control over (my fantasy team, duh) and Carr's not starting there.

Matthew Stafford really concerns me. The injury isn't great. His touchdowns come in cluster games. The Saints defense isn't as bad as you imagine it. The Saints shutout the Dolphins in London. I know. Jay Cutler, LOLz. But the Saints have allowed the fewest points since Week 3 and fewest yards per game. And the Panthers (on the road) were one of those games.

I really don't believe the Saints and Lions will be the shootout some might expect it to be. I would proceed with extreme caution.

Feeling really bummed for Sam Bradford. Looked so promising to start the season. He had been rather healthy the two previous years. But this looks bad. He wasn't himself on Monday night and it showed.

I love the way Jared Goff looked last week. In fact, you can read more about that here. As great as he's looked, I can't start him this week against the Jags. Not that defense. The Jags allow a lot of yards on the ground, but are tough on the pass. I could see this game lasting an hour because both teams will run the ball so much.

Sammy Watkins has questioned his role with the Rams. But it's only because Goff doesn't force him the ball. He's fine spreading it around. Cooper Kupp would be a better play, but Watkins needs to be on the bench.

Jay Cutler. What the hell, man? I love you. But I feel like the guy who has to defend the person who everybody in the football world seems to hate. Don't do this to me. Maybe bare your bum, look out at the sea and drift off into the sunset. I'm not linking to that picture, though.

Brian Hoyer has scored at least 22 points in two of his last three. But (and I get confused who this is a revenge game for) I just can't do it this week. It just doesn't seem natural.

Image So, Jinder needs help against everybody on the WWE roster, but somehow is able to pin Nakamura clean. Oh boy. I've already fantasy booked Nakamura to face A.J. Styles in the Main Event of WrestleMania (I can dream) and this really isn't helping. Maybe it is, actually. The E loves to do things like where they have champions job all of the time before they go on an epic run. But damn, this doesn't feel right at all.

Image BTW, the WWE slapped a cease-and-desist letter against the Young Bucks for doing the "Too Sweet" hand gesture. And it also fired a backstage producer for appearing in a photo with the group during their "Invasion" back a few weeks ago. Can you be pettier? I would like to imagine the Young Bucks in NXT in the not-so-near future. I would love to believe this is an elaborate work that leads to the group showing up at War Games. I can dream!

Melvin Gordon keeps making me look the fool. Sunday was the first time I watched Gordon and thought he looked really great as a running back. He's still better as a receiver, because he's less inclined to run up his lineman's back. But keep doing what you do. I'll keep adding you here as motivation.

Man, I want to believe in Adrian Peterson to the Cardinals. It seems like something that should be a thing. But it feels more like a plot for the "Expendables," the NFL version.

This feels like Carlos Hyde is going to be on a lot of benches this week, and then he ends up having his best game of the season. This while everybody scrambled to pick up Matt Breida.

Amari Cooper has caught 13 of 33 targets this season, and his 39.4 percent reception percentage ranks last among 50 NFL players with at least 30 targets. Cooper also ranks last among that group in drop percentage (27.8 percent), receiving yards per target (3.6) and passer rating when targeted (34.7).

I do like that one of my friends from the UK tried to package Cooper to me. I'm now starting to think I need to do something like that to get back. That's right, I've had my worst luck in one league and nothing I do gets me out of the dumpster. So maybe I need to go grab Cooper.

I've loved Rishard Matthews in PPR, but Matt Cassel is killing his value. It's a Monday nighter, so I'd look at other options unless it's absolutely certain Marcus Mariota is starting.

ImageThis inevitable Yankees and Dodgers World Series is going to kill me. The Red Sox and Cardinals series were bad back in the day (as was the Cardinals/Rangers stuff) but this is going to be an all-timer.

I loved what I saw last week with Mitch Trubisky. It really does give me all of the feels for what is going to be a bright future. I really do believe that (even though I tilted like hell on draft night, so much so that I missed the Corey Davis pick). So I'm stoked. I don't think he's going to be a fantasy option this week. I would expect to see some heavy doses of Jordan Howard.

BTW, I really hate the fake-punt touchdown was wasted. I mean, it's not like many folks started Benny Cunningham. But I don't know why that touchdown doesn't count for the D/ST. It's clearly a special-teams play. I'm not sure if I have the answer, but I know people would have lost their stuffing had this been like the Jaguars defense or something that had a huge play like that not count for them.