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Final fantasy football analyst PPR mock draft of 2017


The NFL season is almost here and I couldn't be more excited. As a fantasy writer, when you reach this point in the year you're fresh out of takes. You've looked at the numbers and rosters too many times. You've spent so many hours on NFL Game Pass that the program actually told you to go outside and interact with other humans. But it all was building towards something. The sweet, sweet release of the kickoff of the NFL, and fantasy football season.

However, before we close the curtain on the offseason and fantasy draft preparation in general, we at NFL Fantasy wanted to conclude one final mock draft. Given the level of intensity around the office as the season comes knocking, I was only able to round up 10 analysts to perform this PPR mock draft. However, that didn't lessen the quality of the mock, and with recent injuries to players like Julian Edelman, Spencer Ware, and Cameron Meredith, there is plenty to learn from this exercise.

The PPR scoring, 10-team, 15-round mock draft consists of our best analysts, writers and producers from NFL Fantasy LIVE/, as well as special guests Bob Harris ( and Jake Ciely (Roto Experts). Teams did not need to draft a full roster, so several teams went without a kicker or defense. I provide some brief thoughts about most rounds below.

Now, with all of that out of the way, let's get to it.

Draft order

(randomized 30 minutes before start)

1. Chris Hayre (@ChrisHayre) Producer, NFL Fantasy LIVE podcast
2. James Koh (@JamesDKoh) - NFL Fantasy LIVE host
3. Matt "Franchise" Franciscovich (@MattFranchise) - NFL Fantasy Associate Writer/Editor
4. Matt Harmon (@MattHarmon_BYB) - NFL Fantasy Associate Writer/Editor
5. Michael Fabiano (@Michael_Fabiano)- NFL Senior Fantasy Analyst
6. Marcas Grant (@DMilner13) - NFL Fantasy Writer/Editor
7. Bob Harris (@FootballDiehard) - Football Diehards Senior Editor
8. Alex Gelhar (@AlexGelhar)- NFL Fantasy Writer/Editor
9. Cynthia Frelund (@cfrelund) - NFL Fantasy LIVE analytics expert
10. Jake Ciely (@allinkid) - RotoExperts & FNTSY Senior Writer


1. David Johnson, Cardinals (RB1) - Hayre
2. Le'Veon Bell, Steelers (RB2) - Koh
3. Antonio Brown, Steelers (WR1)- Franchise
4. Odell Beckham Jr., Giants (WR2) - Harmon
5. Julio Jones, Falcons (WR3) - Fabiano
6. Mike Evans, Buccaneers (WR4) - Grant
7. Melvin Gordon, Chargers (RB3) - Harris
8. A.J. Green, Bengals (WR5) - Gelhar
9. Jordan Howard, Bears (RB4) - Frelund
10. LeSean McCoy, Bills (RB5) - Ciely

Nothing should surprise anyone with this first round. Moving on.

Favorite pick: It's the first round, come on
Biggest surprise: See above.


11. Michael Thomas, Saints (WR6) - Ciely
12. Brandin Cooks, Patriots (WR7) - Frelund
13. Jordy Nelson, Packers (WR8) - Gelhar
14. Jay Ajayi, Dolphins (RB6) - Harris
15. Doug Baldwin, Seahawks (WR9) - Grant
16. Devonta Freeman, Falcons (RB7) - Fabiano
17. Dez Bryant, Cowboys (WR10) - Harmon
18. Todd Gurley, Rams (RB8) - Franchise
19. Kareem Hunt, Chiefs (RB9) - Koh
20. Keenan Allen, Chargers (WR11) - Hayre

James taking Kareem Hunt 19th overall drew some "oohs" in the draft room, but Hunt's ceiling in an Andy Reid offense is as top-12 RB. He'll catch plenty of passes too. New NFL Fantasy LIVE podcast producer Chris Hayre also works for the Chargers, so perhaps there's a bit of a bias coming with his Keenan Allen pick at the end of the round. However, I liked the pick, as Allen and Philip Rivers already appear to be in mid-season form, and Allen will be a PPR monster if he stays healthy.

Favorite pick: Doug Baldwin, 15th overall
Biggest surprise: Kareem Hunt, 19th overall


21. Amari Cooper, Raiders (WR12) - Hayre
22. Rob Gronkowski, Patriots (TE1) - Koh
23. Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys (RB10) - Franchise
24. DeMarco Murray, Titans (RB11) - Harmon
25. T.Y. Hilton, Colts (WR13) - Fabiano
26. Christian McCaffrey, Panthers (RB12) - Grant
27. Jordan Reed, Redskins (TE2) - Harris
28. Demaryius Thomas, Broncos (WR14) - Gelhar
29. Jarvis Landry, Dolphins (WR15) - Frelund
30. Dalvin Cook, Vikings (RB13) - Ciely

Ezekiel Elliott falling to 23rd overall is probably about as far as he'll go in drafts until his suspension situation receives some clarity. We all love T.Y. Hilton, but trying to figure out where to draft him right now given Andrew Luck's status is a fool's errand. Fabiano didn't reach here for him, but man, that's just a hard pill to swallow if Scott Tolzien ends up starting several games.

I was thrilled to land Demaryius Thomas as my third wideout. Trevor Siemian will be able to keep this offense afloat, and Thomas should easily eclipse 1,000 yards with several touchdowns. This is a PPR league which is where Jarvis Landry dominates, but Jay Cutler under center could shift things in Miami a bit. Cutty has already shown a penchant for hurling passes DeVante Parker's way, and if Landry loses some of his heretofore elite volume, his value will take a hit in PPR too.

Favorite pick: Rob Gronkowski, 22nd overall
Biggest surprise: Jordan Reed, 27th overall


31. DeAndre Hopkins, Texans (WR16) - Ciely
32. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals (WR17) - Frelund
33. Carlos Hyde, 49ers (RB14) - Gelhar
34. Alshon Jeffery, Eagles (WR18) - Harris
35. Isaiah Crowell, Browns (RB15) - Grant
36. Leonard Fournette, Jaguars (RB16) - Fabiano
37. Allen Robinson, Jaguars (WR19) - Harmon
38. Stefon Diggs, Vikings (WR20) - Franchise
39. Aaron Rodgers, Packers (QB1) - Koh
40. Travis Kelce, Chiefs (TE3) - Hayre

I expected Travis Kelce to go a bit higher considering this is a PPR league and he should lead the Chiefs in targets and receptions this year, but what do I really know? The high-volume wideouts in this round all make sense, though it does worry me a bit that Blake Bortles could torpedo another Allen Robinson fantasy season. I was taking some flack for Carlos Hyde on Twitter, but here's the thing: He's going to be very good this year. Kyle Shanahan's offenses have a history of boosting running back production, and Hyde looks to be in great shape. I'll happily take him all day as my RB1 in the fourth round.

Favorite pick: Travis Kelce, 40th overall
Biggest surprise: Leonard Fournette, 36th overall


41. Joe Mixon, Bengals (RB17) - Hayre
42. Terrelle Pryor, Redskins (WR21) - Koh
43. Michael Crabtree, Raiders (WR22) - Franchise
44. Tyreek Hill, Chiefs (WR23) - Harmon
45. Lamar Miller, Texans (RB18) - Fabiano
46. Bilal Powell, Jets (RB19) - Grant
47. Ty Montgomery, Packers (RB20) - Harris
48. Martavis Bryant, Steelers (WR24) - Gelhar
49. Greg Olsen, Panthers (TE4) - Frelund
50. Marshawn Lynch, Raiders (RB21) - Ciely

I want to believe in Bilal Powell's fantasy upside, but I can't get in on taking him as a top-20 running back right now as the Jets might struggle to score 20 offensive touchdowns all year. Joe Mixon's stock is falling now that the Bengals backfield appears to be headed towards a true committee, and if we played this league out Hayre might end up regretting jumping on Mixon where he did. Of course, when you pick at the turn you need to go after your guys, and if Mixon is someone Hayre wanted I respect the move. I'm no longer speaking to Bob Harris after he sniped Ty Montgomery from me, even though this is a mock.

Favorite pick: Ty Montgomery, 48th overall
Biggest surprise: Joe Mixon, 41st overall


51. Golden Tate, Lions (WR25) - Ciely
52. Ameer Abdullah, Lions (RB22) - Frelund
53. Danny Woodhead, Ravens (RB23) - Gelhar
54. Kelvin Benjamin, Panthers (WR26) - Harris
55. Jamison Crowder, Redskins (WR27) - Grant
56. Emmanuel Sanders, Broncos (WR28) - Fabiano
57. Jimmy Graham, Seahawks (TE5) - Harmon
58. Tom Brady, Patriots (QB2) - Franchise
59. Sammy Watkins, Rams (WR29) - Koh
60. Pierre Garcon, 49ers (WR30) - Hayre

While I lost out on Montgomery, Danny Woodhead was a helluva nice consolation prize. Baltimore is one of the top teams in the league in terms of targeting running backs in the passing game, and Woodhead will be a fixture in the red zone offense as well. He has RB1 upside in PPR formats, save me your @s.

Love Harmon grabbing Jimmy Graham here. We're both extremely high on the Seahawks passing attack this year, and jumping on Graham now could pay huge dividends down the line. 80-plus catches isn't an unrealistic projection.

Favorite pick: DANNY WOODHEAD OBVIOUSLY, 53rd overall
Biggest surprise: Sammy Watkins, 59th overall


61. Doug Martin, Buccaneers (RB24) - Hayre
62. Willie Snead, Saints (WR31) - Koh
63. Davante Adams, Packers (WR32) - Franchise
64. Drew Brees, Saints (QB3) - Harmon
65. C.J. Anderson, Broncos (RB25) - Fabiano
66. DeSean Jackson, Buccaneers (WR33) - Grant
67. John Brown, Cardinals (WR34) - Harris
68. Frank Gore, Colts (RB26) - Gelhar
69. Jeremy Maclin, Ravens (WR35) - Frelund
70. Tyler Eifert, Bengals (TE6) - Ciely

Koh asked the question in the draft lobby if anyone is ever excited to draft Frank Gore. I wasn't, but I was happy to have him on my team as a rotational/flex back. He should produce unless Andrew Luck misses the entire year and the Colts offense devolves into a complete dumpster fire.

I loved Cynthia's pick of Jeremy Maclin here in this PPR format. There are roughly 1 billion targets available from last year in the Baltimore offense (you don't need to check that math, trust me) and Maclin profiles as a target hog. Tyler Eifert was a nice find by Ciely as well, as he should be healthy to start the year and could threaten double-digit touchdowns.

Favorite pick: Jeremy Maclin, 69th overall
Biggest surprise: DeSean Jackson, 66th overall


71. Matt Ryan, Falcons (QB4) - Ciely
72. DeVante Parker, Dolphins (WR36) - Frelund
73. Tevin Coleman, Falcons (RB27) - Gelhar
74. Adam Thielen, Vikings (WR37) - Harris
75. Eric Decker, Titans (WR38) - Grant
76. Brandon Marshall, Giants (WR39) - Fabiano
77. Tyrell Williams, Chargers (WR40) - Harmon
78. Mark Ingram, Saints (RB28) - Franchise
79. Corey Coleman, Browns (WR41) - Koh
80. Cam Newton, Panthers (QB5) - Hayre

This could finally be the year DeVante Parker breaks out. The drum beat around his performance has been steady all offseason and he's shown an early connection with Cutler. Tyrell Williams was a nice find by Harmon here too. With rookie Mike Williams out for several weeks still, Tyrell Williams could surprise early. Adam Thielen's move to the slot could net him even more targets this year in Minnesota, so Harris could have found a gem.

Favorite pick: Tyrell Williams, 77th overall
Biggest surprise: Brandon Marshall, 76th overall


81. Theo Riddick, Lions (RB29) - Hayre
82. Martellus Bennett, Packers (TE7) - Koh
83. Mike Gillislee, Patriots (RB30) - Franchise
84. Adrian Peterson, Saints (RB31) - Harmon
85. Russell Wilson, Seahawks (QB6) - Fabiano
86. Kenny Britt, Browns (WR42) - Grant
87. Rishard Matthews, Dolphins (WR43) - Harris
88. Donte Moncrief, Colts (WR44) - Gelhar
89. Kirk Cousins, Redskins (QB7) - Frelund
90. Terrance West, Ravens (RB32) - Ciely

While the sky could be falling on the Colts offense, it's crazy that Donte Moncrief is falling into the WR40 range. I'll take his upside there all day every day. Russell Wilson also continues to fall farther than I'd expect, though as I said earlier, I'm extremely high on the Seahawks passing game this year. Don't sleep on Terrance West in standard or PPR, by the way. He's going to start for the Ravens and should catch plenty of passes as well.

Favorite pick: Russell Wilson, 85th overall
Biggest surprise: Rishard Matthews, 87th overall


91. Kevin White, Bears (WR45) - Ciely
92. Zay Jones, Bills (WR46) - Frelund
93. Kyle Rudolph, Vikings (TE8) - Gelhar
94. Duke Johnson, Browns (RB33) - Harris
95. Jameis Winston, Buccaneers (QB8) - Grant
96. Delanie Walker, Titans (TE9) - Fabiano
97. Derrick Henry, Titans (RB34) - Harmon
98. Hunter Henry, Chargers (TE10) - Franchise
99. James White, Patriots (RB35) - Koh
100. Darren Sproles, Eagles (RB36) - Hayre

Favorite pick: Duke Johnson, 94th overall
Biggest surprise: Taylor Gabriel, 117th overall


101. Sterling Shepard, Giants (WR47) - Hayre
102. Jamaal Charles, Broncos (RB37) - Koh
103. Corey Davis, Titans (WR48) - Franchise
104. Rex Burkhead, Patriots (RB38) - Harmon
105. Paul Perkins, Giants (RB39) - Fabiano
106. Mike Wallace, Ravens (WR49) - Grant
107. Eric Ebron, Lions (TE11) - Harris
108. Eddie Lacy, Seahawks (RB40) - Gelhar
109. Josh Doctson, Redskins (WR50) - Frelund
110. Jamaal Williams, Packers (RB41) - Ciely

Favorite pick: Eric Ebron, 107th overall
Biggest surprise: Eddie Lacy, 108th overall (Yes, I was surprised by my own pick)


111. Jordan Matthews, Bills (WR51) - Ciely
112. Alvin Kamara, Saints (RB42) - Frelund
113. Marcus Mariota, Titans (QB9) - Gelhar
114. Ted Ginn, Saints (WR52) - Harris
115. Wendell Smallwood, Eagles (RB43) - Grant
116. Randall Cobb, Packers (WR53) - Fabiano
117. Thomas Rawls, Seahawks (RB44) - Harmon
118. Cooper Kupp, Rams (WR54) - Franchise
119. Samaje Perine, Redskins (RB45) - Koh
120. Matt Forte, Jets (RB46) - Hayre

Favorite pick: Cooper Kupp, 118th overall
Biggest surprise: Samaje Perine, 119th overall (James just can't quit Perine)


121. Rob Kelley, Redskins (RB47) - Hayre
122. Marvin Jones, Lions (WR55) - Koh
123. Jeremy Hill, Bengals (RB48) - Franchise
124. Chris Hogan, Patriots (WR56) - Harmon
125. Darren McFadden, Cowboys (RB49) - Fabiano
126. Marlon Mack, Colts (RB50) - Grant
127. Andy Dalton, Bengals (QB10) - Harris
128. Giovani Bernard, Bengals (RB51) - Gelhar
129. Taylor Gabriel, Falcons (WR57) - Frelund
130. Denver Broncos D/ST (DEF1) - Ciely

Favorite pick: Rob Kelley, 121st overall
Biggest surprise: Marlon Mack, 126th overall


131. Robby Anderson, Jets (WR58) - Ciely
132. Kansas City Chiefs D/ST (DEF2) - Frelund
133. Jonathan Stewart, Panthers (RB52) - Gelhar
134. Andrew Luck, Colts (QB11) - Harris
135. Cameron Brate, Buccaneers (TE12) - Grant
136. Dak Prescott, Cowboys (QB12) - Fabiano
137. DeAndre Washington, Raiders (RB53) - Harmon
138. Justin Tucker, Ravens (K1) - Franchise
139. D'Onta Foreman, Texans (RB54) - Koh
140. Cole Beasley, Cowboys (WR59) - Hayre

Favorite pick: Cameron Brate, 135th overall
Biggest surprise: Justin Tucker, 138th overall


141. Jack Doyle, Colts (TE13) - Hayre
142. Chad Hansen, Jets (WR60) - Koh
143. Pittsburgh Steelers D/ST (DEF3) - Franchise
144. Tyler Lockett, Seahawks (WR61) - Harmon
145. Zach Ertz, Eagles (TE14) - Fabiano
146. C.J. Prosise, Seahawks (RB55) - Grant
147. Marqise Lee, Jaguars (WR62) - Harris
148. Paul Richardson, Seahawks (WR63) - Gelhar
149. Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots (K2) - Frelund
150. Jonathan Williams, Bills (RB56) - Ciely

Favorite pick: Jack Doyle, 141st overall
Biggest surprise: Chad Hansen, 142nd overall

Hope you all enjoyed reading about our final mock draft of the year. From here on out, it's all real ... fantasy football. And be sure to tell us how wrong we all are in the comments below or on Twitter. Until next time.

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