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NFL fantasy football: Week 8 trade tracker

  • By Matt "Money" Smith
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"Is it a good trade if I give Larry Fitzgerald and BenJarvus Green-Ellis for Chris Johnson, Marshawn Lynch and Santana Moss? I lost Maurice Jones-Drew and need a RB." - @robParisi1

Money: I'll start out with an easy one. Yes. Without question you come out ahead. I'd give up Fitz and Green-Ellis for Lynch and Moss only. Plus, CJ2K will have a monster week against the Colts, and then you can flip him for a No. 1 wide receiver to fill the hole created by the departure of Larry Fitzgereld. Chris Johnson's schedule gets considerably harder following this week's game against the Colts. I love this deal, make it yesterday.

"Calvin Johnson or Percy Harvin and Tom Brady to get Arian Foster? I have Robert Griffin III, Jamaal Charles and Willis McGahee as well as Miles Austin. I'm 1-6." - @BenDizzE

Money: Geez, 1-6. You should have been proactive at 1-4, lets hope it's not too late. Keep Percy, he's far too involved in that Vikings offense to let go, and I'm not sold on Matthew Stafford and that Lions offense figuring it out in a division with the Vikings, Bears and Packers defenses to rattle his cage. I love that you're swinging for the fences with the deal, and it could be the thing that turns your season around. If that doesn't work, try to make the same deal for Ray Rice if the Foster trade doesn't go through.

"I'm over Larry Fitzgerald, what can I expect for trade value?" - @Johnny_Ice_

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Money: Second Larry Fitz question of the column, and you picked a bad week to try and dump him. No quarterback in Arizona, no offensive line protection, and now teams are selling out in bracket coverage to keep Fitz from being the one guy to get the Cards the win. With the 49ers on the schedule this week, I can't imagine too many people being that excited to take Fitz on for anything of substantial value. But why not try to go out and get someone on a bye? Maybe CJ Spiller? If not, try to get one of the Denver receivers for him, I would take Eric Decker in a heartbeat going forward the rest of the year.

"Big trade: I send Tom Brady, Hakeem Nicks, Rashard Mendenhall and Jimmy Graham for Peyton Manning, Reggie Bush, A.J. Green, Owen Daniels? Thoughts?" - @mtbrown94

Money: I do the deal. Brady and Manning are a push. Peyton hasn't had a single game under 20 points so far this season. I'll take Bush over Mendenhall, Green over Nicks anyday, and I'm all in on Owen Daniels. He's getting the red zone targets that used to be reserved for Andre Johnson in Houston. It's the inclusion of Jimmy Graham that puts it over the top for the other side of the trade, as Daniels was a waiver wire pick up while Graham was likley a second-round pick, but their production is comparable. I love it.

"If I wanted to trade Jordy Nelson for a RB, who should I ask for?" - @MannyB19K

Money: Here's a pretty good rule regarding where to start these conversations. Look at the overall scoring production and see who is around the player you're offering up. When it comes to Jordy, you have a .14-point separation between Jordy and Marshawn Lynch, only .4 points between Nelson and Charles, and seven points between Nelson and Frank Gore. In the other direction if you want to try and buy low, Nelson had 15 more points on the season than LeSean McCoy and 13 more than Willis McGahee. I would do the deal for any of those backs if you're in need and have the WR depth to withstand giving up Nelson.


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