NFL Helmet Challenge Symposium 2019

The NFL Helmet Challenge Symposium was held on November 13-15, 2019 in Youngstown, Ohio and brought together 300 engineers, manufacturing experts and innovators from across the country for three days of information-sharing and collaboration.

The symposium provided applicants with background on the current state of the science around helmets and head injuries in the NFL and information on the challenge and available resources.

You can watch videos from the symposium below.

Welcome Remarks

The NFL Engineering Roadmap

The NFL Helmet Challenge

Current Helmet Designs and Tools for Concussion Prevention in the NFL

Panel Discussion: Integrating New Ideas into Helmets

Keynote: Advantages of Advanced Manufacturing

Keynote: Advanced Design Methods

Panel Discussion: Perspectives from the Field

Keynote: Lessons Learned from NASCAR

Keynote: Lessons Learned from Automotive Industry

Panel Discussion: How to Win the NFL Helmet Challenge – The Million Dollar Question