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Triplets rankings: Cowboys, Packers boast top groups

Football's back! And so, too, are my rankings of the NFL's best triplets. For the uninitiated, the great '90s Cowboys were headlined by QB Troy Aikman, RB Emmitt Smith and WR Michael Irvin -- a.k.a. "The Triplets." A couple years back, I was inspired to concoct a current Triplets pecking order. Now, in my fifth edition, I'm ranking the trios based on projected Week 1 starters. (Sorry, Steelers and Pats fans: Suspensions hurt.) Another thing: I've ranked the players in each position group from 1 to 32, then inverted those ranking numbers (e.g., Adrian Peterson is my No. 1 RB, so he gets 32 points). I also multiplied the QB's score by 1.5, as it's universally regarded as the most important position of the three. Adding up those point totals, I determined each trio's ranking. One last note: "Previous rank" refers to my last Triplets entry from November.

Dave Dameshek Analyst