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Statistical breakdown of NFL's starting QBs

When Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston -- the top two picks in the 2015 NFL Draft -- squared off against each other in Week 1 -- a showdown that resulted in a 42-14 hammering of Winston's Bucs by Mariota's Titans -- it marked the eighth consecutive season that at least one rookie quarterback started in Week 1. That, boys and girls, is the longest streak in the NFL since at least 1950.

Keeping with that theme, this is a look at the 37 starting (or, to-be starting) quarterbacks in the NFL this season. That's the 32 Week 1 starters, plus two new starters in Week 2 (Ryan Mallett and Johnny Manziel), two new starters for Week 3 (Jimmy Clausen and Brandon Weeden) and presumed Week 3 starter in Drew Brees' place (Luke McCown).