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Mahomes-Curry? Bosa-Embiid? Matching NFL players with NBA counterparts

When Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz compared Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins to Hall of Fame hoopster Charles Barkley last week, saying Hopkins "has some rebounder-type skills in him," I thought it was kind of weird at first. But I kind of get where Schwartz was coming from. And after watching some of the completely ridiculous catches DeHop made on Sunday (and has been making all year), I'd say the former college basketball player would be the best rebounder in the NBA if he played.

With all of that being said -- and with Christmas being the unofficial start of the NBA season (somebody can let the Bulls know that we're underway) -- I wanted to give you some of my NFL/NBA comps to chew on. I'm sure there will be no disagreements, and we'll all be on the same page here.

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