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All-Time Team - Pittsburgh Steelers

No franchise has had more Super Bowl success than the club Art Rooney Sr. built with racetrack money 81 years ago, and picking an all-time team for the "Sixburgh" Steelers is no small feat.

This organization has two Hall of Famers at every level of defense, from the front line to the linebackers to the secondary. Oh, and the offense has quarterbacks, running backs, wideouts and offensive linemen in the Hall as well, plus a ton of "Hall of Very Good" players.

So how do we do it? Very carefully, with an eye toward how these Steelers legends stack up with other NFL icons. Remember, this is the best starting lineup, not a list of the best 25 players in Steelers history. Share your thoughts at the usual place: @HarrisonNFL.

Let's get to it ...

Elliot Harrison Analyst