Zimmer is now Teddy Bridgewater's official shoe tier

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has a new set of responsibilities to add to an already endless list: Make sure Teddy Bridgewater's shoes are tied.

As the story goes, Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes seems to enjoy untying the quarterback's shoelaces while he's perched atop the training table getting work done on his dislocated knee and torn ACL (c'mon Xavier!), but Zimmer isn't letting that fly.

"He's here every day down here in the training room, same kid as he always been always with a smile on his face," Zimmer said, via the team's official site. "Xavier Rhodes always comes in and unties his shoe. You know he's sitting and you know he can't reach his shoe, so Xav' does it, and I was down there today and I tied it for him. I'm the shoe-tier now."

While it may seem like a banal anecdote, this one of the many reasons why we were so surprised it took Zimmer this long to get a head coaching job. So often, the heartwarming moments we see around the league are staged or brought to our attention to adjust how we think or feel about someone. But this is just one small gesture in a long line of protective deeds by Zimmer.

Bridgewater is going to need the paternal instincts over the next year -- or more. At the moment, there is no timetable on when we'll see the former first-round pick on the field again and no real certainty that he can make it back at all. But how many coaches would you rather have in this situation?

Yes, the Vikings pivoted quickly, sending a pair of picks to the Eagles to acquire Sam Bradford on a two-year contract. But you can bet that Zimmer won't forget about Bridgewater anytime soon -- not if he has to tie hs shoes every day.

"I never thought that I'd have another quarterback throughout my career other than him," Zimmer said. "You go through those things, you get over it and you go on. We'll try to do the best we can and figure out a way to win."

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