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Zimmer: Adrian Peterson can play for us, or not play

Now that the draft is over, so is most of the trade speculation surrounding Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

Both sides have spent the offseason digging in their heels for what looks like a bitter tug-of-war with no ending in sight.

And on Wednesday, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer drew a line in the sand.

"He's really got two choices: He can play for us. Or he cannot play," Zimmer told the assembled media at offseason workouts.

Peterson, of course, has not made himself available for any of the Vikings' voluntary offseason workouts so far. Zimmer also added that Peterson gave no indication as to when he'll make it up north and put his old uniform on again.

The All-Pro running back has not been a part of any Vikings activities since his indictment back in September on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child.

At this point, it seems more important for the Vikings to hold their position than anything. Although Peterson can ultimately retire, it's hard to imagine the game's best running back walking away at 30, and with more than $40 million on the table.

That's what the Vikings are hoping, anyway. Adding him into the mix with budding star Teddy Bridgewater would instantly propel Minnesota into the potential playoff contender category.

Without him, they're still a team missing their superstar.

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