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Ziggy Ansah, Detroit Lions' defense steamrolls Vikings

Teryl Austin's defense dominated as the Detroit Lions swarmed Teddy Bridgewater and the Minnesota Vikings in a 17-3 victory. Our takeaways:

  1. The Lions' defensive line absolutely ruled the game. Ezekiel Ansah was all over the field, compiling 2.5 sacks, three tackles for loss, three quarterback hits and made Vikings left tackle Matt Kalil look like a 18th century stone gargoyle. (This was the type of performance we expected when we named Ansah a "Making the Leap" candidate.) The Lions' defense left with eight sacks, 12 QB hits and three interceptions.
  1. Detroit's dominating defense beat up rookie Teddy Bridgewater. The Vikings' offensive line gave the quarterback zero time and struggled with a multitude of blitzing players. Bridgewater was as off-target as we've seen him on down-field throws. His brief flirtation with success came on short throws, crossing routes and check downs. His first interception was a terrible rookie-level force in the red zone and his two others came on tipped balls. Vikings receivers couldn't get separation to help out Teddy.
  1. The Lions' offensive ineptitude continued for another week. Matthew Stafford was high and wide on down-field throws and took several terrible sacks in Vikings' territory. Detroit's offensive line is a complete mess. Stafford clearly misses his security blanket (Calvin Johnson). The Lions went 1 for 13 on third downs (a week after going 1 for 11).
  1. Joique Bell was the most productive Lions offensive player going for 74 yards on 18 carries. Theo Riddick displayed his ability in the passing game with a 41-yard catch-and-run to open the game and a 9-yard touchdown catch when he put a jester suit on Gerald Hodges. Riddick left the game with a hamstring injury.
  1. Jerick McKinnon got the start and led the Vikings in rushing (40 yards) and receiving yards (42). The starting gig should be his moving forward.
  1. (Insert obligatory point about Cordarrelle Patterson being nonexistent once again.)
  1. Your "Lions Can't Kick Fields Goals" stat of the week, sponsored by the Distraught Jason Hanson Fans' Junior College Fund: Newly signed Matt Prater missed two attempts sandwiched around a 52-yard make. The Lions have now missed more field goals (10) in six games than Hanson missed in any one season (9).

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